Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Kitten Interest List
You can express an interest in our Snowshoe Kittens and asked to be included in our interest list. We also have a waiting list for specific colours and patterns (this can be a long weight for a specific type)

When I have kittens of age from 6-8 weeks. I will email everyone on my interest list so if one does strike your fancy i can place a hold until seen or deposit paid no later than when the kitten is 9 weeks of age. Deposits are 100 non refundable but transferable. Kittens are from 550 each.

If i do not have a kitten for you at the time then i will keep you on the records and you will be offered the next litter. I also have a waiting list for specific colours, patterns and the first on the list will be offered the kitten best matching their description. I try to have litters throughout the year but it is also dependant on my girls patterns. Please let me know if you have any preferences.

The Kittens will be eating, playing and using litter tray. They will learn to come to call too. Kittens will have met dogs, ducks, small animals and are getting used to the vacuum cleaner and various rooms of the house.

If you can only travel once to collect your kitten that is ok, alot of our kittens travel far and wide, some are shipped worldwide. I will provide more pictures and videos for you and will let you know how the first vet check goes and keep you informed on your kittens progress so you can make an informed decision.

Kittens that are placed on hold, may become reavailable are on this page. You will see litter mates.
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Kittens as standard will be registered with 5 generation pedigree certificate and pedigree proof. ( you may choose a name) They will have a full vaccination course including leukemia vaccine and will have regulsr flea and worm prevention. We use panacur, drontal, milbemax and advantage. Kittens are fed on a quality diet. They will be microchipped, insured and come with kitten pack which includes a scent blanket to help them settle in.

We spend vast amounts of time socialising and getting to know our kittens. We teach them manners and house rules and give them as many experiences as we can to make a good alrounder cat.

Please let me know at your earliest if you would like a kitten to avoid dissapointment. I will put kittens on hold until seen with no obligation to buy.

If you are certain kittens can be reserved via bank transfer, paypal (fee) or cash. There will be a reciept when you collect kittens and a simple contract to ensure everyone is protected. If you miss out on a kitten you can still be runner up as circumstances can change.

If you would like to be considered for our lovely kittens please give me a short background to your experience or knowledge of breed and home environment and any questions you may have. Its important to me you are well informed and know how interactive smowshoes can be. I have lots of information on my website
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Best Wishes

Kelly Cruse

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Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
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