Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Grand Master Cat Destrier Dodge Viper!
Grand Class AC Pedigree Pet Master Cat Male
GR Miss K Cruse MC Dodge Viper SH Apricot & White MN 3 years. What an amazing colour and pattern, he really is apricot even down to his apricot heals! Lovely white blaze to his face, nose could have been a little cleaner. Super ringed tail and pale blue eyes. Great size, weight and condition. Super to handle.
Kernow Cat Show 30/03/13 Big Success!
Destrier Snowstorm won 1st Best of Breeds and her 1st Intermediate certificate.

Destrier Cairo won 1st and his Intermediate certificate.

Destrier Snow Trooper spent the day showing off in his exhibition pen.

Also my other two cats won their Classes and got Best of Breeds!
Snowshoe Cat Society & Shorthair Cat Show 04/01/13
Sassy won Best Overall in Show for Snowshoe Cat Society. She brought home lovely rossettes and a book from Royal Canin.

Snowy Got her merits and lots of Rossettes and Dodger showed off in his Exhibition pen.

Dartagnan my Siamese boy had a Red Card day winning all his classes.
Snowy's First Show- Supreme Cat Show 24/11/12
Snowy made me proud, when she not only won 1st and Best of Breeds in her class at the GCCF Supreme Show, she was professionally photographed for beautiful cats book and was a true croud pleaser.
Kernow Cat Show April 2012
Dumbledore and Dodger stormed the bench in their exhibition pen. They enjoyed showing off their rossette!
Dodger is an apricot bicolour and Dumbledore is a seal colourpoint boy.
Prince Showing off his Rosettes on 07/01/12
Prince enjoyed the show, purring, rubbing up against his pen and loved the attention. He came home with a double merit award, 3 x 2nd, 2 x 1st and 1 x 3rd in his classes.
Destrier Doge Viper on Exhibition at SCS Show 07/01/12
Dodger enjoyed showing off in his decorated pen at the Snowshoe Cat Society show on saturday 07/01/12. He is believed to be the first Apricot Snowshoe in the world.
Prince @ Somerset Cat Show June 2011
Prince won 1st and Best of breed in his open class and obtained his merit! He was showing off all day and did well in his side classes!
Teddy @Westcountry Cat Club 15th January 2011
Teddy won his merit and a lovely critique as an adult. Judge Mrs Bullock said he was a well grown boy for 9months old. It was Teddys first adult show.
Supreme Cat Show 20th November 2010
Teddy won his merit and a lovely write up from Judge Mrs Green. He spent the whole day showing off and entertaining everyone!

Willow our chocolate Tabby Siamese who will help with Snowshoe lines won 2nd in his open.
25th Sept 2010 @ South Wales and Western cat Club
Teddy did it again! He gains his 2nd merit and does very well in his side classes up against various foreign breeds. Teddy was a big show off and really enjoyed his day. merit awarded by Mrs chapman.
28th Aug 2010 Teddy @ West England & Wales Cat Club Show
Teddy was really good and well behaved and took his first show in his stride Earning good placings in large groups in his side classes and his first merit accompanied with an excellent crique! Not bad for a 2nd gen Snowshoe!
Belladonna @ Croydon Cat Club Show 13/02/10
Belladonna does it again! She gains her 2nd merit and impresses the judge with a super report. In her crtique she is described as an extrovert, very friendly and well presented. D Harper
Belladonna @ Southern Counties Show 30/01/10
Belladonna was rather lively and very friendly. She impreesed the judge, who gave her a glowing report and merit at the Southern Counties cat show. We also took Misty our blue Siamese girl, who won her open and Best of Breeds.
It was a long day,especially driving back from Reading, but cats and kids enjoyed it.
Sassy @ Westcountry Cat Club Show 16th Jan 2010
Sassy got her merit from B shingleton and a glowing report. She even won judges choice cat of the show! in her side class (AV foreign Junior Adult) swisspam out off 11 cats, incl bengals etc she came 2nd place with mr Cornish. In her 2nd side class (AC oci, Bengal or SS non breeders adult) she came 3rd out of 3. two Bengals won the class ahead of her( s. bullock). Well done Sassy!She was the only snowshoe there and loved the attention.
Betty Shingleton
I have to apologies to the owners of this girl as I have mis-laid her critique. From memory she showed very good type and condition, with coat conforming to the required pattern, very good texture and presentation. Lovely temperament.
Bristol District Cat Show 18th April 2009
Prince qualifies for his Quad Merit and dazzled everyone with his beautiful eyes and loving playful personality. He also achieved 1st & 3rd in his side classes.
Wiltshire Cat Club show 5th July 2008
Harvey Gains his quad merit title, which will help progress the breed and Diego achieved his 2nd merit as a kitten. Both snowshoes did very well and really enjoyed the show.
West of England & South Wales Cat Show 23rd August 08
Prince, Diego & Sassy all gained their qualifying merits at the show and did very well in their side classes against competition. They were really relaxed and loved the show.
Sassy gains Merit at NEC Supreme Show
Sassy really did us proud at the NEC Supreme cat show. She loved the day and showed off in her princess decorated pen.
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