Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
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Exciting News Show quality Female Kittens
We have 5/6th generation Female show quality kittens available to breed/show homes. Taking interest now, please get in touch to avoid disappointment!
Sad Loss 7th April 2013 - Sassys gone to Rainbow Bridge
Tragic Loss: In dear loving memory to my beloved Sassy. She passed away in my arms late last night. Her passing was sudden, she has left a hole in my heart. She won the SCS Show earlier this year and has left me with wonderful memories and her gorgeous newborn grandchildren. Miss you Sassy RIP ♥
You will live on in my heart,
My Best friend so true,
Your memories fill my mind,
I will never forget you.
Destrier Dumbledore Features in Hong Kong Magazine Jan 13
14/01/13 Although written in Chinese, it was lovely to recieve a magazine in the post with my very own home bred Seal Colourpoint Snowshoe Dumbledore on the front cover, It also has pictures oF Destrier Lotus Elise and kittens and Alaska and Prince.
Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Destrier Snowstorm (Snowy) Dressed for the occassion.

On Behalf of Destrier Cats, she wishes everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, she sends her purrs to everyone :-)

We Look forward to an exciting 2013 with the Snowshoe Cat being promoted with GCCF!
Welcome new Kittens, who Join the breeding programme
Exciting news, we have more kittens joining our breeding programme- see them on current new bloodline cats page! Sadly I have to rehome some of the mums to allow for space and to ensure everyone has lots of attention. If you are interested in a kitten or an adult Cat, please get in touch.
Lola has now been neutered and will leave for her forever home soon.
Pictured above is (Destrier Scarlet Star)1st gen caramel Tortie Snowshoe. Her Mum Star is available.
Snowshoes Feature in Cat Word Magazine!
Dont Miss out on December Issue of Cat World magazine. You can also subscribe online.
I am proud to say that Destrier Cats contributed to the magazine and it has pictures of "Snowy" Destrier Snowstorm :-)
Prince & Jack Have left for Australlia 25/07/12
After careful consideration and planning. I am pleased to announce that Prince and Jack have left to Travel to Australlia to start new bloodlines. They will be very much missed and have left me with lovely kittens to carry on their lines. They boys were my best behaved and best looking cats. They are going to a lovely well pampered 5 star home with Cathy and will introduce good quality Snowshoes to Australlia to start new lines. I wish them all the best and although its sad to see them go, they have a good life and will be helping Australlia diversify Snowshoe bloodlines.
Tia has gone to her forever home 17th July 12
Tia has now left for her forever home with Jeanette. I will miss her dearly, she has left me with two wonderful 2nd gen kittens Odie and Tessa to carry on new lines for the Snowshoes.

I have Lola and Star also looking for loving pet homes, ready when the right home comes along.
Happy Sad Times! Rehoming
I am dedicate to producing new, healthy bloodlines of Snowshoe Cats and there comes a time that I have to say goodbye to my lovely breeding cats and find them Loving forever homes. I have sucessfully bred 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen kits and they will be staying to breed in the next year or so. If you are interested in any of my kittens or cats please get in touch.
Elise has gone to her new home
Elise our 2nd gen Caramel Mitted Snowshoe has given us a lovely litter of 7 kittens, Ludo, Domino, Labyrinth, Cluedo, Solitaire, Monopoly and Jenga.
She is now in her loving pampered famly home with Rhia.
Garden all Secured for Cats
We have been getting ready for summer and clearing up the garden for cats and kids to play. Our boys are based at the rear of their garden in their custom built pens and the girls run free at the top with access to our house.
Royal Canin Food Order, by the pallet load!
Our Cats are fed on one of the best foods and a variety of different biscuits ordered by the pallet load from Royal Canin direct.
Destrier Fully Equipped Grooming & Kittening Room
Our cats have now got large 5ft long penthouse kittening pens where they can safely have their kittens and train them before they are old enough to run free.
The room is fully hygienically cladded and insulated with a heater and good ventolation. The cats have thier own washing machine and tumble dryer, which provides endless entertainment for the kittens and they get used to household noises. For show preparation I have a heater shower and belfast sink and supringly the cats love a bath, especially the Snowshoes.
New Luxury Stud Houses Building Commences 01/10/11
Work began today to complete new updated Luxury accomadation for our Stud Cats. We have increased our pens to accommodate the extra cats during our new bloodline programme.
Snowshoe breeding programme, big Sucess!
I can confirm that after all my efforts of working with new cats, creating new bloodlines, moving away from inbreeding and breed faults. Its going very well and the specially selected cats are fit, healthy, social, with good temperments and excellent type. All my cats are adored and personally known to me, sadly its not possible to keep them all, so from time to time i will be looking for special homes for them. Its been a pleasure working with them and all inline with GCCF healthy breeding programme. I will update my website in the next few weeks with exciting more news on our breeding programme and the wonderful cats that make it all happen. My end result will be to create a new line of snowshoes from scratch with dazzling personalities and super type. In the not too distant future, my personally bred cats from new bloodlines will be found on the show bench.
New Utility Room Complete!
We now have a utility room all kitted out! I have Isolation Quarters for young kittens or cats requiring isolation and a grooming area, where I can bath and groom my cats before shows. The room is hygienically cladded and has washing machines and tumble dryers and lots of storage.
New Stud Cattery Nearly Finished!
We have almost completed phase 2 of building new modern houses for our stud boys. The cat pens boast double glazed windows, hygienic wipeable cladded walls and designed to meet the needs of our cats. we have also made vast improvements to our house, including building a utility grooming and isolation room for our cats! Picture coming soon...
Snowshoes Feature in Your Cat Magazine!
Snowshoe Cats feature in your Cat magazine! available from 15th June 2011!

Read all about it!
We have just Installed Katzecure Fencing!
Our cats can now enjoy our garden and go outside in safety with this stylish hi tech fencing. Our girls will have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the garden without risk of escape or getting hurt on roads etc.
Petplan Breeder of the month
Petplan Breeder of the month

Name: Kelly Cruse
Breed: Snowshoe Cats
Location: Plymouth, Devon

I am a professional registered cat breeder under the prefix of Destrier. I started breeding and showing Snowshoe and Siamese Cats over 5 years ago. I love the interactive, people-orientated personality of the Snowshoe. Not only are they pretty, but they possess beautiful blue eyes, white feet and are full of personality. They can be described as bombproof, robust and interactive cats, naturally social and good with children. In an effort to diversify the breedís bloodlines I have started new lines and have a few different stud boys. I hope to introduce lilac or chocolate Snowshoes in the near future. My Snowshoes are found internationally and up and down the country. Although Snowshoes are generally healthy cats I strongly recommend Petplan and all my new kittens go to their new home with 4 weeks free insurance. I have always found Petplan to be reliable and trustworthy and their lifetime policies offer owners long-term, quality cover.
Misty, Belladonna and Sassy Playing
Snowshoes Feature in Your Cat Magazine!
This Months March edition of "Your Cat" the UKs top selling magazine has a big feature on the Snowshoe. Dont miss out on your copy!!
Snowshoes Playing
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