Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Destrier Cats Breeder Ethics
My cats are bred for health, type and temperament. I put long hours into my cats and support the people who work along side me. My cats are my passion and hobby and I strive to create better and more diverse bloodlines of the Snowshoe Cat, ultimately creating a variety of colours and healthy cats that are not inbred.

My cats are first and foremost pets and their needs are put above mine. They are vaccinated and overseen by my vet, who sometimes visits the house. My cats are clear of Felv/FIV and from time to time we blood test them. (they get top brand food even if we have to live off beans and brought the latest cat post or toys on the market!)

My cats are bred from 12- 18ths and in exceptional circumstances from 10mths. Depending on the Queen, some have litters 3 times in 2 years or once a year. I breed all year round to keep everyone happy and settled, especially the boys and exceptional girls who can get frustrated.

I am a Dedicated member of TICA and was a key member in progressing the breed with the GCCF to championship status. I provide insurance for my kittens and follow the Pet Plan Kitten Charter. I ensure my kittens and cats are homed in approved homes that i believe will be suitable for all parties concerned. I will not sell my kittens to anyone.

If you have ever visited my home you will see a community of my cats, who all get along and play together. They are all loved for their own individuality and cared for appropriately. My cats are interactive and respond when I talk to them, they make eye contact and love their tummies being rubbed. I have times of the day i will play with individuals and fuss them and other times they all join in and play together. When people visit they get mobbed as they walk in the door and some of my cats show off!

Occassionally I will rehome my cats, so they can have one to one attention and this also prevents over crowding and I can concentrate on the cats I have. Reasons vary, from retired for breeding or simply not getting on as well in a group.

Holly likes to tap people on the shoulder and likes to be spun on the office chair and is quite partial to peoples shoulders. Angelica loves to rub against peoples feet and Purdy will greet anyone and loves dogs. The kittens are reared in a happy safe environment, with lots of interaction. They become very accustomed to household noises and sometimes immune to the hoover! I have young children and dogs who mix well with the cats and they all enjoy each others company. Its a Happy Mad House!

My cats are free to roam in a secure garden and have constant access to my home. I have rules that cats are not allowed to climb curtains and climb on kitchen work surfaces. I teach my cats to use scratching posts and litter trays and general manners, some like to push boundaries, but like children feel safe and secure when they are upheld.

My Stud cats are out in garden in their large stud quaters from 6-12mths or whenever they start showing interest in girls or spraying. They often live together for company and will go to seperate luxury Stud house to court the Queens. I dont like to keep my boys as forever studs and attempt to bring them back into the home and find them suitable homes to retire and put their paws up and be pampered pets. My boys all have loving personalities and this isnt usually a problem for them and they get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

My cats are shown up and down the country and are found internationally and in the media. Often found in Cat World Magazine, Your Cat Magazine and In Beautiful Cats book. The snowshoes love to show off and seem to apprecaite change as it keeps them interested! My cats are found in magazines and are well known for their antics on You Tube! My website is always up to date and supports over 3000 unique visitors a month!

Best Wishes

Kelly Cruse

Destrier Snowshoe Cats

Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
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