Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Why New Bloodlines?
I started breeding new bloodlines for Snowshoe Cats, due to the small gene pool of cats in the uk and the inbreeding was getting quite high, minor genetic faults were seen and the health of the cats were compromised. Snowshoe cats were not fully recognised with the GCCF, so I played a big role in their recognition and championship status. I am now with the worlds biggest Cat Registry TICA and proud to be promoting the wonderful diverse Snowshoe.

On my cattery page you will see my full Snowshoe Queens and Studs and my new Bloodline cats.

New Bloodline Cats

The new bloodline cats are carefully bred from researched lines to produce cats that would be show and breed quality of an excellent breed standard, to ensure this standard I regularly show my cats. From time to time not all cats make it into my breeding programme and I only select the best. The new generation cats have proven to be quite sort after in pet homes as they carry the traits of both snowshoe and Siamese.

I wouldn't usually keep as many cats, but it is necessary in the meantime to breed the qualities I am looking for and have since expanded my cattery to accommodate. At present I have bred from foundation, 1st and 2nd generation cats from new bloodlines exclusively created by myself. I now primarily have 3rd generation cats. It would have been nice to work along side other breeders, but unfortunately the two breeders who did were self serving and didn't have the same Snowshoe dream as I did and made off with my cats.

The Future

My aim is to enjoy my feline family and work towards 4th generation plus Snowshoes, which means they will be able to be shown and they would qualify for other breed clubs around the world.

I am excited to say I have beautiful promising 3rd and now 4th generation cats with no known faults, produced from breeding from scratch, virtually my pedigrees are largely Destrier Cats. In the bloodlines my cats will carry chocolate and dilute, so in the not too distant future we can expect to have a variety of colours. we now have Tortie and Tabby Snowshoe Cats exclusive to Destrier.

Although it is very rewarding and lovely to see my kittens from birth to when they have their own litters, to keep numbers down I have to make the sad decision to rehome my new generation cats. I always find good loving pet homes for them and the cats get a chance to be mother or fathers before settling down to a pampered life as a pet.

My breeding programme is fully supported by my vet, GCCF and TICA. I have made some lovely friends along the way and placed my cats and kittens in wonderful homes with people i stay in touch with from time to time. My latest updates are posted on Facebook and you can also follow my progress on there.
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
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